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What Sparrows have been learning?

03.12.21 - Christmas has arrived in Sparrow Class. We have a fully functioning Santa's Workshop and have been dressing up, wrapping presents, writing and posting Santa letters. The children have been making Christmas decorations, decorating the classroom and making playdough Christmas trees.

The Year 1's have written their own 'Dear Santa' books, compared teen numbers, learnt the 'oi' and 'ear' sounds and been toy detectives. Reception have been identifying more or less, making repeating patterns with the baubles and learning the 'r' and 'h' sounds. 

Next week we will be basing our learning around the nativity story and practising for our own 'Wriggly Nativity'.

26.11.21 - We have enjoyed a step back in time this week. The children have been learning about toys and games from the past. We have had our own museum in class with a collection of toys and Mrs Bell visited with her own and her Dad's teddy bear so that we could see how things have changed over time. We have been playing games such as Frustration, Buckaroo and jumping frogs, we have been making tracks for the Hot Wheel cars, making our own ball and cup games and Spoon-ee's.

We have been having fun with the number 10 and learning all about pyramids. Reception have been learning the 'e' and 'u' sounds and Year 1's the 'ur' and 'ow' sounds. The Year 1's have been making lost posters and writing riddles for their toys, making toy timelines and learning more about the teen numbers.

We have all been learning the nativity songs and getting in the Christmas mood. Next week we will begin focusing on Christmas and using the books of The Jolly Postman and Dear Santa to support our learning.

19.11.21—We have all had a wonderfully kind week. The children have really taken the theme of ‘One Kind Word’ on board and we have had some wonderful discussions.

The children have made paper dolls, kindness quilts and paper chains, sock puppets, shape and tap pictures, playdough Rainbow Fish and much more. Year 1’s have started to deepen their knowledge of teen numbers and Reception the number 9. Year 1’s have been writing their own fabulous pages for our Paper Dolls book and in phonics learning the ‘ar’ and ‘or’ sounds. Reception have learnt the three different ways to show the ‘c’ sound.

Next week we will begin practising for the nativity and learning about the history of toys.


12.11.21 - We have been busy making eight legged spiders, peg dolls, penny spinners and poppies this week. The Reception children have been learning all about the number eight, the 'g' and 'o' sounds and making curly tailed pigs. The Year 1's have been learning the 'oa' and 'oo' sounds, jumping back to solve subtraction sums and writing some really powerful letters to 'Planet Earth'.

The children have given lots of careful and considered thought to Remembrance Day and were very respectful at the war memorial during our collective worship and silence.

05.11.21 - We have had a great week back after the break. We have been basing our learning around Bonfire Night and Autumn. We have made autumn leaf crowns, listened to Vivaldi's Autumn piece of music, explored our autumnal tray, practised our letter and number formation in the glitter, made firework paintings, put out fires with squeezy bottles, written some firework poetry and much more.


21.10.21 - We have had a great last two weeks of term basing our learning around superheroes. The children have been dressing as superheroes and going on missions in the bat cave. They have been making superhero cities with the Numicon, breaking things free from the ice after the Evil Pea visited, made superheroes, their own costumes and much, much more.