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What Sparrows have been learning?

21.05.22 - We have been trying to capture the Evil Pea this week. The children have been deciding which vegetables will sink or float, they have made Potato Heads, Year 1's have made their own Supertato photo stories, we have estimated how many brussels have been trapped by the Evil Pea, completed some squish subtraction number sentences and written speech bubbles for the Supertato characters.

Many thanks to everyone who came along to our plant sale and made it such a great success.

13.05.22 - We have had a fruity time this week and based lots of our learning on the book Handa's Surprise. We have made 3D fruit, fruit prints, fruit cocktails in the water tray and fruit kebabs. The children have even retold the story with different animals and fruits.

We have been doubling numbers and adding with our ball adding machine. The Year 1's have been finding halves and quarters of shapes and amounts. In music we have all been learning about pitch and making our own superhero theme tunes. 

06.05.22 - We have been basing our learning around trees this week and explored the trees on the field and tried to identify them on Monday. We have painted and made cardboard trees, we have made bead and playdough blossom trees, we have made trees to balance animals in and written about what we might see in a tree. Year 1's have been making fact sheets all about trees.

We have been ordering and comparing numbers and the Year 1's have been doubling and making equal groups in numeracy. In phonics we are continuing to recap sounds from Phase 3 and 5. 

29.04.22 - It's great to be back after the Easter break and the children all seem to have settled back into school life. We have begun our 'All things Green' topic and have been basing our learning on growing plants. We have planted some seeds which we are hoping grow well so that we can get you to come and buy them in a few weeks time. The children have been drawing, painting and making sunflowers. They have been learning in the garden centre role play area and having fun in the water with watering cans and plant pots.

08.04.21 - The children have enjoyed an Easter packed week. We have been on Easter egg and word hunts, made Easter crafts, cards, baskets and chocolate nests and enjoyed making and eating hot cross buns. The children have been solving the clues to guess what's hidden inside the golden egg and moulding playdough Easter eggs.

We have all continued to recap the number pairs that make 10 and practising lots for the Easter journey arts trail which we hope you enjoy on Friday.

Wishing you all a wonderful Easter break.

01.04.22—Once again I am sorry for the closure on Monday but the children have quickly made light work of catching up. A huge thank you to Miss Hallam who has kept the children settled and learning. This week the children have been modelling with the clay; channelling Denby Pottery, they have carried out traffic surveys, made cardboard models of places in the village, painted spring trees, had fun with the number 20, learnt the number pairs that make 10 and lots more.

The Year 1’s have been recapping multiples of 2, 5 and 10 and writing about the Easter story. Reception have been learning the ‘oi’ and ‘ear’ sounds and Year 1 the ‘ey’ and ‘a-e’ sounds.

Next week we will be celebrating all things Easter including preparing for the school’s Easter Arts Trail. There won’t be a balanceability session next Friday, these will begin again after the break.

Many thanks for your kind wishes and understanding.

25.03.22 - We have been learning about homes and houses this week and about our place in the world. The children have made milk bottle fairy houses, paper bag and Lego houses, we have been writing and delivering post in our post office, learning about odd and even numbers and finding out about our planet, continent, country, county and village.

We remembered the families impacted by Covid by making daffodils and placing these around the village on our local walk looking at the homes, landscape and making our own special deliveries.

18.03.22 - We have been learning about farms, life cycles and using the book 'What the Ladybird Heard' to support our learning this week. We have had tractors in the sand, ducks in the water, ladybird doubling craft, a small world farm and lots more. The children have made maps of the farm in the story and the Year 1's have written the directions to find the prize cow. We have learnt about metamorphosis and the life cycles of others animals. The Year 1's have been solving measurement problems and comparing mass.

11.03.22 - We have begun our local area theme and this week we have been learning about the school. The children have been pretending to be Mrs Foulke, Miss Hallam and Mrs Bell in our own role play school and they have been testing each other with sounds and keywords. We have also been measuring different objects using rulers and cubes, comparing the lengths and heights of different things around the class and finding out how far the cars have travelled down the ramps. Also this week the children have been learning about drawing and painting landscapes and their work has been amazing!

04.03.22 - We have loved getting stuck into Book Week. The children have all loved the surprise of the book reveal each morning, listening to the story and then planning what activities we should do based on the book.

We have planted seeds after listening to 'A child's garden'. We have painted rainbows after listening to 'Mrs Noah's Garden'. We have decorated pebbles and made dens after listening to 'Lubna and Pebble'. Hopefully it all concludes with some dragon fun on Friday alongside all our costumes.

18.02.22 - The children have enjoyed completing our 'Once upon a time' theme with the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have retold the story in the role play, made flowers, baskets and get well cards for grandma and even had a visited from the wolf himself.

Year 1's have been writing letters on behalf of the wolf and multiplying by 2, 5 and 10. We have all been learning about capacity and directions and the Year 1's have been coding the Beebots to get them to grandma's house avoiding the wolf.

10.02.22 - Fee Fi Fo Fum, what a wonderful week Sparrows have had. We have been basing our learning on Jack and the Beanstalk and we have been spending time focusing on looking after our mental health. The children have made beanstalks, watched and measured as our own beanstalk has grown around our classroom, ordered leaves on the beanstalk, enjoyed playing in our small world Giant's castle and lots more. We all enjoyed our Wednesday walk, listening to the sounds and looking at the wonderful sights around us. We have danced about, sang and watched old TV shows like Button Moon and we all enjoyed some mindful eating of tasty gingerbread men.

04.02.22 - The children enjoyed celebrating the Lunar New Year on Tuesday and we have continued with this theme and the book 'The Tiger who came to tea'. We have made Chinese dragons, lanterns, shakers and tiger pictures, we have served tea and noodles with chopsticks in the mud kitchen and we have been using chopsticks to pick pompoms up to match with the numeral. We have been learning about mass and using balance scales and ones we have made outdoors with planks and crates, we have been comparing the weights of mystery bags and identifying the heaviest and lightest. As part of our RE work we went across to the church with Sue from Valley CIDS and we had a mini wedding and christening. We have also been learning about what you would find in a synagogue and making our own stain glass windows.

28.01.22 - We have been trip trapping with the billy goats this week. We have been building bridges across the river for the goats to get across, making trolls using different materials, retelling the story by making a story path and using puppets, making troll cakes in the mud kitchen, making playdough trolls and lots more.

The Reception have learnt the 'y' and 'z' sounds, everyone has been learning about the number 13 and cones. Year 1's have been inventing their own characters and making a setting to act out their stories for next week. In maths Year 1's have continued adding and subtracting and in science they have been learning about all the different groups of animals and sketching them.

21.01.22 - Another week has flown by or maybe huffed and puffed by! We have been basing our learning on the story of The Three Little Pigs. We have been building houses inside and outside with lots of different resources and the Year 1's have even been testing their builds out to check they are wolf proof. We have mixed pink paint to make pig portraits for Mummy Pig, we have made pompom pigs, made wanted posters, played inside the third Little Pig's house in our role play area, acted out the story with puppets and lots more.

14.01.22 - The children have had a brilliant start to 2022. We have been learning about winter and beginning our theme of Once Upon a Time by learning and performing the story of Each Peach Pear Plum. We have had snow outside in the water tray which the children have been turning into slush puppies in the mud kitchen, we have made Cinderella crowns, Fairy Godmother wands, snowflakes, explored the sparkling snow inspired playdough and lots more.

22.12.21 - It's been a short and wonderfully Christmassy week. The children have experienced the last Advent service, watched films, partied, had their Christmas lunch, made Christingles and taken part in this service in church. We also went across to church to celebrate the upcoming wedding of Miss Bassett and her partner over the Christmas break.

May I ask you to continue to read to your child over the break, enjoying lots of books and stories. Also, as you are out and about see what sounds and numbers they can now recognise.

When we return in January our theme will be traditional stories and you can find the topic webs on the main Sparrow page.

Many thanks for all your support and understanding over the term and we look forward to seeing you on Monday 10th January 2022.

Wriggly Nativity - we really hope you enjoyed watching the nativity clips on Evidence Me or in person if you were one of the lucky ones.

16.12.21 - It's been a nativity jam packed week in Sparrow class. However, we have also managed to fit in making baubles, calendars, moving elves, threading bead trees, we have been balancing baubles, designing Christmas jumpers and lots more. 

The Reception children have completed phase 2 phonics by learning the 'l', 'll' and 'ss' sounds and the Year 1's have completed phase 3 with the 'er' sound. 

10.12.21 - Another week has flown by and we have been doing lots of practise for the Nativity in church. The children have been learning lots about the Nativity story, they can retell it using actions and the Year 1's have been making and using puppets to retell it. We have been making paper chain snowmen, tree ornament angels, Christmas cards, matching present numerals to numicon, building beetle drive snowmen and lots more. Reception have been learning the 'b' and 'f' sounds and Year 1's learning about shapes and the 'air' and 'ure' sounds. 

03.12.21 - Christmas has arrived in Sparrow Class. We have a fully functioning Santa's Workshop and have been dressing up, wrapping presents, writing and posting Santa letters. The children have been making Christmas decorations, decorating the classroom and making playdough Christmas trees.

The Year 1's have written their own 'Dear Santa' books, compared teen numbers, learnt the 'oi' and 'ear' sounds and been toy detectives. Reception have been identifying more or less, making repeating patterns with the baubles and learning the 'r' and 'h' sounds. 

Next week we will be basing our learning around the nativity story and practising for our own 'Wriggly Nativity'.

26.11.21 - We have enjoyed a step back in time this week. The children have been learning about toys and games from the past. We have had our own museum in class with a collection of toys and Mrs Bell visited with her own and her Dad's teddy bear so that we could see how things have changed over time. We have been playing games such as Frustration, Buckaroo and jumping frogs, we have been making tracks for the Hot Wheel cars, making our own ball and cup games and Spoon-ee's.

We have been having fun with the number 10 and learning all about pyramids. Reception have been learning the 'e' and 'u' sounds and Year 1's the 'ur' and 'ow' sounds. The Year 1's have been making lost posters and writing riddles for their toys, making toy timelines and learning more about the teen numbers.

We have all been learning the nativity songs and getting in the Christmas mood. Next week we will begin focusing on Christmas and using the books of The Jolly Postman and Dear Santa to support our learning.

19.11.21—We have all had a wonderfully kind week. The children have really taken the theme of ‘One Kind Word’ on board and we have had some wonderful discussions.

The children have made paper dolls, kindness quilts and paper chains, sock puppets, shape and tap pictures, playdough Rainbow Fish and much more. Year 1’s have started to deepen their knowledge of teen numbers and Reception the number 9. Year 1’s have been writing their own fabulous pages for our Paper Dolls book and in phonics learning the ‘ar’ and ‘or’ sounds. Reception have learnt the three different ways to show the ‘c’ sound.

Next week we will begin practising for the nativity and learning about the history of toys.


12.11.21 - We have been busy making eight legged spiders, peg dolls, penny spinners and poppies this week. The Reception children have been learning all about the number eight, the 'g' and 'o' sounds and making curly tailed pigs. The Year 1's have been learning the 'oa' and 'oo' sounds, jumping back to solve subtraction sums and writing some really powerful letters to 'Planet Earth'.

The children have given lots of careful and considered thought to Remembrance Day and were very respectful at the war memorial during our collective worship and silence.

05.11.21 - We have had a great week back after the break. We have been basing our learning around Bonfire Night and Autumn. We have made autumn leaf crowns, listened to Vivaldi's Autumn piece of music, explored our autumnal tray, practised our letter and number formation in the glitter, made firework paintings, put out fires with squeezy bottles, written some firework poetry and much more.


21.10.21 - We have had a great last two weeks of term basing our learning around superheroes. The children have been dressing as superheroes and going on missions in the bat cave. They have been making superhero cities with the Numicon, breaking things free from the ice after the Evil Pea visited, made superheroes, their own costumes and much, much more.