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Deano's Adventures

Georgia and Deano's Adventures

Deano had a great time with Georgia. They enjoyed breakfast with Santa, meeting Minnie and Mickey, playing farms and locating Christmas Island. Thank you Georgia for taking such great care of Deano.

Lottie and Deano's Adventures

The Elves and Deano ate the chocolate from window two of Lottie's advent calendar! Deano also loved going outside to make a snowman, although his head fell off! Lottie took great care of Deano and snuggled up to him in bed.

Joel and Deano's Adventures

Deano had a brilliant time with Joel over the weekend.

Charlotte and Deano's Adventures

Deano has enjoyed spending the weekend with Charlotte. He’s spent a lot of it eating, being sneaky and trying to eat Charlotte’s food! Charlotte made him a comfy bed to sleep in on Friday night. On Saturday, he got to meet Charlotte’s Auntie Julie. On Sunday, he went with Charlotte to Alfie’s party and enjoyed playing on the bouncy castle, as well as eating lots of party food. Harry was very excited to see Deano too and wanted his picture taken. Deano also got to help Charlotte with some of her birthday presents this morning.

Molly and Deano's Adventures

Molly and Deano had a busy weekend celebrating cousin Livvie's 15th birthday. Then Deano ended up eating too much cake and had a little (huge) accident!

Ivy and Deano's Adventures

Deano had a lovely time with Ivy. He watched her swim, enjoyed a walk with her dog and had lots of fun at the park. Deano made friends with all of Ivy's toys and can't wait to see what his next adventure will be.

Lottie and Deano's Adventures

Deano had a wonderful time with Lottie. They went bowling and they both got a strike and they also went to Harry's party at Dinky Dino's and went on all the scary slides.

Monty and Deano's Adventures

Monty took great care of Deano over the weekend. Monty and Deano had some cosy time and yummy food with Jasper. Deano had a wonderful time, thank you Monty.

Bea and Deano's Adventures

Deano spent a wonderful week with Bea. They went to Amelia's paint a pot birthday celebrations and painted a medium and small ceramic Deano. When it was time to return to school and Bea got home, all the dinosaurs that live at her house had got together to have a leaving party for Deano! He has had a great time. We will miss him and he is welcome back anytime he was so well behaved and fun!

Deano helped sort the garden and came on a visit to the tip. He then played with Alfie and Alice in their den. On Sunday Deano joined us at our family BBQ to celebrate Alfie and Alice's great Nana's birthday and then we visited the horses.

Deano had a good week with Xavi, lots of good food and drinks for Deano. He had a sleepover with Xavi’s aunty Kath followed by a coronation party. He did some climbing, cricket and a picnic with Xavi and Marley. He also came on a bike ride with us this morning.